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888 'urban brick wall 1111 lincoln rd. 11th st. diner 11th street diner 4th of july 4th of july parade 580 california st. abandoned building abandoned house abstract abstract landscape acanthus leaf scroll address adirondack chairs advertising remnant after dark agave agriculture alameda alameda county fair grounds alameda county fairgrounds alarm box alarm box and shadow alaskan racing pigs all alaskan racing pigs alley allée amador city american flag amusement park angel angel mosaic angles angular railing animals antioch antonio gaudi apollo beach apple crates apple hill apple orchard apple tree apple trees apples apples on the ground apples on the tree apricots arcade arches architectural detail architectural details architecture arena cove armstrong redwoods state natural reserve art art deco artichokes asian asian architectural detail asian architecture asian building detail asian festival atherton auto bridge autumn autumn color autumn color reflected in window autumn display autumn flowers autumn leaf autumn leaf in stream autumn leaves autumn leaves in gutter autumn leaves on flagstone autumn leaves on storm grate autumn moon festival autumn scene baby blue eyes baja california balcony balcony railing balloons balustrade balustrade and water balustrade closeup bamboo bamboo fence banners barbed wire barcelona barn bart bart station basket basket of mushrooms bay bay area bay bridge bay windows beach beach ball beach ball on the sand beach grass beach town beans beauty in unexpected places beets bell tower belmont belmont farmers' market bench bench in fog bench with shadows benches bernal heights berries big sky big white tents bird bird of prey bird stencil birds biscayne bay black and white black diamond mines regional preserve bleached and weathered wood bleached wood blooming agave blue door blue flowers blue neon blue sky bluffs boarded up building boarded up windows boardedup house boat boat aground boat dock cleat boat dock ring boat dock ring on stone boat on the horizon boats boats decorated for christmas bokeh bottlebrush bottlebrush flowers bottles boulder bowling ball beach branches breakwater hotel breakwater hotel sign brick brick stairs brick stairway brick steps brick wall brick wall advertising bridalveil fall bridge bridge detail bridge trusses bridges bright colors bubbles bubbles in fountain building building detail building number building reflected in window building reflected in windows building reflection building reflections bulbs burial plot burned out stump burned out tree stump burned tree burned tree surrounded by new growth butts byzantine style ca road trip ca road trips cable cables cafe borrone california california coast california coastline california hills california landscape california oak california oaks california poppies california redwoods california summer california wildflower calm caltrain camelia camellia camellia in neoclassical vase candy apple sign cane cane and rope on wooden table canoe canoe with paddle canoe with red paddle canoes car car window car.prius caramel apple sign cardboard cardboard containers carnival games carousel carson falls carved limestone carved moulding carved sandstone caryatid cast iron cast iron fence castroville cemetery cathedral cathedral steps cattle egret ceiling light cement cement tank cemetery chain chain anchored to rock chain fence chain link fence chair shadow chairs chapel chapel bell tower chard charles allerton coolidge charming village charred tree chateau charmarron cherries cherry blossoms chester childhood chinatown chinese lanterns christmas christmas decorations christmas in the city christmas lights christmas lights on palm tree christmas lights reflected on car christmas tree christmas tree lot christopher wren inspired church bell tower church spire church steeple cigarette butts cigarette butts in ceramic cup cigarette butts in china cup cinder cone circular pattern circular pavement pattern cirrus cirrus clouds city city bench city building city christmas city prius city reflection city reflections city scene city sidewalk city stairway city street city tree city window cityscape clay figures cleat clematis cliff clock tower closeup of driftwood closeup of fresnel lens closeup of oil tanks clouds coast coastal bluffs coastal fog coastal town coastline cobbled street cobwebs coin operated binoculars coit tower coke bottles college of san mateo college of san mateo farmers' market colonnade colony hotel colored glass colored leaves colored lights colorful colorful balloons colorful banners colorful boats colorful flags colorful kayaks colorful outdoor walls colorful produce colorful reflection colorful rocks colorful trim colorful wall decoration colorful walls colors colors reflected on lighthouse photo column columns concentric circles concentric rings concessions concrete conduits container garden contemporary railing contrast contrasting textures coral coral pavers coral rock coral rock architectural trim coral rock balustrade coral stone corinthian columns corinthian pilasters cornice corroded lamp corroded light fixture corrugated metal roof corrugated roof cotton candy sign country road country scene county fair couple disappearing into fog couple in fog cow cowboy hats cows crack crack in boulder crevice in rock crittenden hill cross cryptic crystal springs reservoir cut oranges daffodil meadow daffodils daffodils on windowsill dahlia dahlias dairy farm dark sky dark water dead tree deco hotel decorated boats decorated palm tree decorative gourds decorative sidewalk decorative squashes decorative vegetables dentils designed by arthur brown jr. detail of driftwood detail of fresnel lens detail of oil tanks dew on plant digitalis dillon beach diner diner at night diner sign ding darling national wildlife refuge dirt path dirt road disused boat dog doo rag door doorag dorag douglas iris downtown dracaena dragon dragon ride dramatic dramatic lighting draped figure sculptures driftwood driftwood arrangement driftwood on sand driftwood structure dry grassy hill dry grassy hills dry hills dusk eastern orthodox cemetery egg and dart egganddart elaborate railing elaborate wall sconce emigrant gap empty house estate europe european street evergreen evergreen branch evergreen needles exhibited exterior exterior building detail exterior lamp exterior lighting exterior plaster detail exterior plaster walls exterior stairway exterior wall colors exterior wall textures factory factory in fog factory window wall factory windows fair fair at night fair games fair grounds fair lights fair midway fair ride fair rides fair rides at night fair signs fair tents fairfax fairmont fairmont hotel fall fall color fall display fall flowers fall fruit fall leaf fall leaf in stream fall leaves fall leaves in gutter fall leaves on flagstone fall leaves on shrub fall leaves on storm grate fall scene falls false front fan farmers' market feather river valley female motorcycle cop fence fence detail fence finial fence in fog fence post fence post with barbed wire fencepost fenceposts fern fern growing in stone steps ferns ferns against wall ferris wheel festival field figure disappearing into fog figure in the fog figures disappearing in fog figures in fog figures on foggy beach filoli fire alarm box fire escape fire escape shadows fire escapes fire truck fishing fishing from beach fishing rod fishing rod on beach flag flag dorag flags flagstone flagstone patio flamingos flavoparmelia caperata fleur de lis fleur de lis finial florida florida landscape florida lizard florida oak flower flower in neoclassical vase flower in stone niche flower in stone wall niche flower in wall niche flowering plant flowering vine flowers flowers on windowsill fluted column fluted pilaster foam foam on water fog fog bank fog obscuring view fog on mountains fog waves foggy beach foggy landscape foggy view foliate carvings foliate sandstone carvings foliate stone carvings foliose lichen food food containers food stalls food stands foot bridge formal garden formal garden detail formal gardens fort mason fort mason center fort ross fort ross in the fog fountain fountains fountains at night fourth of july parade foxglove france french street fresh produce fresnel lens frog front door fruit fruit tree fruits and vegetables gamble garden garden garden chair garden chair with tulips garden decoration garden furniture garden hardscape garden ornament garden sculpture garden seating garden stairs garden stairway garden steps garden urns garden wall gardens garlic garlic in basket gas station gate gate detail gate finial gaudi general merchandise general store geometric railing geranium giant kites giant octopus kites giant teapot gif girl at beach girl at water's edge girl on foggy beach girls' cowboy hats glass block gnarled tree gold country golden gate bridge golden hills gourds grace cathedral graffiti grapes grapes in wooden crate grasses grasslands grassy field grassy hill grassy hills grave marker gravel road gravesite gravestone gravestone detail green green and yellow green beans green bench green clay figures green door green fence green glass green glass bottles green hill green hills green metal door green plant green shutters green tinted glass green wall grotto grotto entrance grotto reflection groveland growers pots gualala guerneville gulf coast gull gull with sailboats gumball hakone gardens haleakala haleakala national park half moon bay half round balcony half round window halfround balcony handtied bamboo fence hanging lamp hanging lantern harbor harley harley davidson hat hat and coat hat and coat on fence hat on fence hawaii headlands headless sculptures headstone headstone detail heritage rose heritage rose garden heritage roses herzog and de meuron hidden villa highrises hiker hiking hiking path hiking trail hill hill in summer hill path hills historic historic architecture historic area historic estate historic gardens historic theater hog holiday decorations holiday lights holiday lights reflected on car holiday tree holidays holidays in the city hope horse shapes horse silhouettes horse tack horseshoe horseshoe on fencepost hotel hotel stairwell hut hwy. 101 hwy.101 i80 iconic building iconic san francisco building illuminated fountains in memory of industrial industrial window wall industrial windows inside the lighthouse interior interior detail interior reflection interiors iris iron gate iron gate detail is it art italian renaissance gardens ivy ivy on brick wall jackson jackson city cemetery japanese garden japanese garden ornament japanese lantern japanese maple leaves japanese stone lantern japanese tea garden johnson's beach jukebox style juxtaposition juxtapositions kayak kayaks kiddie coaster kites knot garden koi la sagrada familia lace lichen lake lamp lamppost lamppost detail lamppost reflected in window lamppost reflection landscape landscape in fog landscape obscured by fog landscape through screen landscapes lantana lantern large chain large corroded chain large driftwood large kites large octopus kites laroque late afternoon late afternoon sun late afternoon sun on mountains lathe lathe house lavender lawn chairs lawson's landing layered rock leaf leaf in stream leaf on pavement leafy green plant leaves leaves in gutter leaves on shrub leaves on storm grate leeks lengthening shadows lettuce lettuce lichen lettuce lichen.wrought iron gate lichens lichens on gate lichens on rustic wood lichens on wood lichens on wrought iron light light and shadow light effect light effects light fixture light on brick wall light through leaves lightbulbs lightbulbs on metal background lighted boats lighted palm tree lighted wreath lighthouse lighthouse detail lighthouse door lighthouse interior lighthouse staircase lighthouse stairs lighthouse stairway lighthouse steps lighthouse window lights limestone limestone planter limestone steps liquidambar ball liquidambar fruit liquidambar seedpod livestock corrals lizard lock log lone figure in the fog los altos los altos farmers' market los altos hills los trancos open space preserve low tide ltravel magnolia magnolia blossom man in cowboy hat marble stairs marble wall marin county marina marina district mario botta mark hopkins intercontinental hotel marriott marquis hotel massive maui maurizio camerino mausoleum mcclure's beach mediterranean style memorial menlo park merrygoround metal and green vinyl stool metal bench metal chairs metal cross metal door metal gate metal roof metal stairs mexican bird art mexican bird stencil mexico miami miami beach midway midway game midway games mini car mini car in parade mission 16th st. mission district mission revival mission revival style misty mountains at sunset moire pattern monterey montpellier monument moody moody window mosaic moss moss landing moss landing cemetery mossy brick stairway mossy brick steps mossy bricks mossy tree mossy windowsill mother in law's tongue motion motorcycle motorcycle cop moulding mountain mountain view mountains mountains in fog mountaintops moving vehicle mullioned window mullioned window with shutters mullioned windows mullioned windows in stone wall mullions multicolored balloons muriel castanis museum of modern art mushrooms music express music express ride my dog myakka river state park mysterious national park nature natureredwood grove nature preserve nautical nemophila neoclassical neoclassical urn neon neon corona crab neon corona sign neon crab neon crab sign neon diner sign neon fish neon fish sign neon sign neon signs neon speakeasy sign new melones lake night night at the fair no horses noir northern california beach oak observation tower ocean ocean bluffs ocean view octopus kites odd fellows cemetery oil tank oil tanks old barn old boat old boat aground old building old door old house old quarter old tree old west old window old windows old wood olive grove olive trees on the pier one maritime plaza onion optical illusion orange orange dahlia orange flower orange flowers orange roses orange tulips oranges orchard ornamental cabbage ornamental vegetables ornamentation ornate cast iron ornate fountain ornate lamppost ornate outdoor light ornate window cover ornate window grille outdoor balustrade outdoor furniture outdoor light fixture outdoor lighting outdoor sculpture outdoor sculptures outdoor seating outdoor staircase outdoor stairs outdoor stairway overgrown house pacific pacific coast pacific coastpeople on sand dune pacific ocean pacific shore pacifica paddle padlock painted bird stencil painted brick wall painted wrought iron palace hotel pale pink flower palm tree palm trees palmetto palms palo alto palo alto farmer's market palo alto farmers' market paper lanterns parade paraglider parking garage pastel color scheme pastels pasture path path in fog path up hill patio chairs patriotic dorag pattern patterned shadow pavement pavement design pavement detail pavement pattern peaceful peach flowers peach tulips peach tulips and baby blue eyes peach tulips and blue flowers peach tulips and nemophila pebbled beach pelargonium pendant light peony people people and dog on sand dune people on beach people viewing art people viewing sculpture perforated metal chairs perforated metal screen person reflected in window perspective pets photo of lighthouse pickup truck picnic table pier pier 39 pier 39 banners pig races pigeon pigs pilaster pilasters pile of driftwood pilings pine pine needles pink pink and white pink and white flower pink and white flowers pink and white heritage roses pink and white peony pink and white roses pink and yellow lantana pink and yellow tulips pink camellia pink cherry blossoms pink dahlias pink flower pink flowers pink heritage roses pink lantana pink peony pink rose pink roses pink tulips pioneer cemetery pipes placerville plant plant growing in stone steps plant pots planter plants plaster detail plaster walls play of light point arena point arena lighthouse point reyes pond pool pool steps popcorn sign port of redwood city potted daffodils potted succulents potted tulips power cords power plant power plant in fog power pylons princeton by the sea prism prius prius in city prize cow produce published puddle pumpkins purple purple and white flowers purple and white iris purple flower purple flowers racetrack racing pigs radio flyer radio flyer wagon radishes railing railings railroad and auto bridges railroad bridge rain on leaf raindrops raindrops on autumn leaf raindrops on autumn leaves raindrops on dahlia raindrops on dahlias raindrops on evergreen needles raindrops on fall leaf raindrops on fall leaves raindrops on flower raindrops on flowers raindrops on leaf raindrops on leaves raindrops on pine needles raptor rays of light through tree branches red red alarm box red alarm box and shadow red and white flowers red and white geraniums red and white pelargonium red berries red curb red fire alarm box red flag red flower red fruit red heritage rose red paddle red pennant red rose red tile roof red tile roofs red tomatoes redwood city redwood city fire department redwood city fire dept. redwood city fourth of july parade redwood city police redwood grove nature preserve redwoods reflecting pool reflection reflection in car window reflection in mullioned window reflection in pool reflection in puddle reflection in stool reflection in tanker truck reflection in water reflection in window reflection in windows reflection of building reflection of buildings reflection of christmas lights reflection of fall color reflection of fresnel lens reflection of holiday lights reflection of lamppost reflection of lamppost in window reflection of neon reflection of neon sign reflection of palm tree reflection of seagull reflection of tree branch reflection of wisteria reflection of wisteria in window reflection on car reflection on prius reflections reflections in car window reflections in truck window reflections in windows reflections of buildings reflections of neon reflections of windows reflections on buildings reflections on car reflections on prius reid brothers reid brothers architects retro retro chairs retro fan rhubarb richardsonian romanesque ride rides riding tack rift ring toss ripples in sand river river beach road detail road disappearing into fog road trip road trips rock rock crevice rock face rock layers rockaway beach rocks rocks on beach rocky beach rocky coast rocky outcropping rocky shore rocky shoreline rocky shorelinesonoma coast state park roller coaster roller coaster at night rolling hills rooflines rooster roots rope rosary rose rose hill cemetery roses round window route 70 rowboat roxie roxie theater rte.49 rubber duckies rubber ducky running horse silhouettes running water rural scene russian river rust rusted fencepost rusted metal roof rusted tin roof rustic rustic bamboo fence rustic barn rustic building rustic fence rustic gate detail rustic hanging lamp rustic house rustic wood rusty boat dock cleat rusty chain rusty corrugated roof rusty door rusty lamp rusty lawn chairs rusty light fixture rusty metal rusty oil tank rusty oil tanks rusty patio chairs rusty tin roof sacramento sacramento zoo sailboat sailboat on the horizon sailing ship salviati and company san francisco san francisco bay san francisco bay area san francisco museum of modern art san francisco skyline san jose san mateo san mateo county san mateo county fair sand sand driftwood sand dune sand painting sand point sandstone sandstone arches sandy shore sanibel sansevieria santa rosa sapling sapling in front of wall sarasota saratoga sawyer camp trail scenic scrub scrubland scrubland.landscape sculpture sculptures sea cliffs sea spray seagull seagull against blue sky seagull in flight seagull on beach seagull on piling seagull with sailboats seagulls seagulls on pilings seahorse seahorse sculpture seaside bluffs seaside cliff seaside town seating seaweed seaweed on rocks sebastopol secluded pond seedpod sf moma sfmoma shade shadow shadow of elaborate railing shadow of fan shadow of lamppost shadow of railing shadow of spiky plant shadow of wroughtiron railing shadows shadows of wire fence shadows of wire fence on concrete shadows on brick wall shadows on concrete shadows on wall shadows on wood floor shady path shady pond shady road sharon heights shave ice shore shorebird shorebird reflection shorebird silhouette shoreline shoreline park shrub shutters sidewalk sidewalk art sidewalk detail silhouette silhouette at sunset silhouette of a man silhouette of a man at sunset silhouettes silicon valley silversword skyline skyline blvd. skyscraper slanted street smokestacks snake plant snap beans soft landscape soft light sonoma sonoma coast state park sonoma county south beach spain spanish moss speakeasy speakeasy sign sphinx spiderweb spiderweb in fog spiky spiky plant spiny spiral staircase spiral staircase on storage tank spire splitrail fence spring spring flowers spring landscape squashes st. george spirits stained glass staircase stairs stairway stairwell stanford stanford campus stanford dish stanford foothills stanford hills stanford memorial church stanford shopping center stanford university memorial church stark landscape state park state parks state route 35 steam steel cables steep sidewalk steep street steeple stepped benches steps stone stone balustrade stone barge stone bridge stone garden ornament stone lantern stone neoclassical urn stone niche stone pavement stone planter stone sculpture stone seahorse stone spheres stone sphinx stone steps stone urn stone wall stone wall and steps stone wall niche stones stonework stool storage tank storm drain strappy leaves strawberries stream street art street banners street detail street number street planter street scene streetcar tracks streetlight streetscape striated rocks stucco stump stylized mexican bird subway subway station succulent succulents succulents in container garden succulents in limestone planter succulents in pot succulents in stone planter succulents in wall planter suede finish suede finish on exterior plaster walls summer summer fair summer fruit summer hill summer in california summer in northern california summer landscape sun filtering through tree branches sun rays sun rays in fog sun rays through the fog sundappled path sundappled road sunlight and shadow sunlight and shadow on mountains sunlight on bench sunlight on leaves sunlight through fog sunlit ferns sunset sunset above the fog sunset at the beach sunset on mountains sunset on the beach surf surfers surfers on the beach sutter creek sweet gum ball sweet gum fruit sweet gum seedpod sweetgum ball sweetgum fruit sweetgum seedpod swings swiss chard tack tampa electric tanker truck teacup ride telamon tents texture textures the corporate goddesses the dish the mission theater theater sign thistle thistle flower tibetan spaniel ticket booth tile roof tiled roof tiltawhirl tin roof todos santos tomales bay tomatoes tombstone tourism trail train train tracks transamerica pyramid travel treasure island tree tree branch tree branch against blue sky tree branch in fog tree branch reflected in water tree branch silhouette tree branch silhouetted against fog tree branch silhouetted against sky tree branches tree branches in fog tree in fog tree in front of wall tree leaves tree reflection tree roots tree rootstree roots with rock tree shadow tree stump tree trunk treelined alley trees trees in fog trees reflected in water trees reflected in window tropical tropical architecture tropical color scheme tropical deco tropical foliage tropical plant tropical plants tropical scene tropical tree roots tropical vegetation trusses tulips tulips on black turret twilight twisted tree branches twisted tree trunk twisty tree two bridges two kids in mini car ukiah union square union square christmas tree unusual rocks upper lake urban urban allée urban architecture urban art urban flowers urban planting urban reflection urban reflections urban scene urban seating urban stairway urban tree urban window urn urns valley varsity theatre vegetables versace house victorian architecture view above the fog view at the end of the world view from berkeley view from chapel view from chapel window view from lighthouse window view from the lighthouse view from the lighthouse window view of fog view vista views village vines vintage vintage garden chair vintage garden furniture vintage gardens vintage look vintage look fan vintage neon sign vintage outdoor furniture vintage patio chairs vintage theater viper vista vizcaya volcanic landscape vortex vortex ride wagon walker walkway wall colors wall niche wall planter wall sconce wall textures warped reflection water water droplets water droplets on fall leaves water droplets on leaves water in the garden water's edge water's edgeshorebird silhouette waterfall waterfront waves wavy glass wax beans weathered weathered balustrade weathered coral rock weathered coral stone weathered fence post weathered house weathered post weathered wall sconce weathered wood weathered wrought iron weathered wrought iron garden ornament weeds weeds in sidewalk weeds in sidewalk crack west coast florida west florida western westin st. francis hotel wet autumn leaves wet leaves white white and green white and pale pink white and pale pink peony white bird white cherry blossoms white clematis white clematis on green fence white flower white flowers white foxglove white heritage rose white rose white tents white wisteria wildflower wildlife refuge window window grille window in green wall window shutters window wall window washer window with blinds window with shutters windows windowsill wire fence wispy clouds wisteria wisteria branches wisteria in front of window wood wood and concrete wood beams wood benches wood floor wood frame wood grain wood hut in fog wood railings wood shadow on concrete wood siding wooden benches wooden chairs wooden crate wooden crates wooden crosses wooden fence wooden fence post wooden gate wooden hut wooden stairs wooden stairwell wooden structure woodland garden woodside wreath wrought iron wrought iron cross wrought iron fence wrought iron fence detail wrought iron garden ornament wrought iron gate wrought iron gate detail wrought iron in wall niche wrought iron railing wrought iron window grille wroughtiron railing yellow yellow and orange yellow and orange flowers yellow and orange tulips yellow beans yellow dahlia yellow dahlia on red curb yellow flower yellow flowers yellow kayak yellow lantana yellow leaf yellow metal chairs yellow rose yellow tomatoes yellow tulips yerba buena gardens yosemite yosemite chapel
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