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Welcome to Pix & Pieces! This site contains a selection of my work. Enjoy these photos, and feel free to share or download the smaller, low-res versions. The full-size, high-res versions are available for purchase in a number of forms.

Any questions? You can contact me directly with an email to pixandpieces@gmail.com.


 - Art Guild of Pacifica
 - Localvision Salon
 - Filoli Art Committee
 - Pacific Art League

Published in

 - Bay Nature (Oct.-Dec. 2011 issue)

Exhibited at

 - Pacific Art League (2014)
 - Localvision (2011, 2012, 2014)
 - San Mateo County Fair (2011)
 - Oceana Art Gallery in Pacifica, CA (2012)
 - Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica, CA (2011-2014)
    - Merit Award at the 53rd Annual Members' Exhibit (2011)

As a photographer, my favorite feature of the camera is the zoom. It's integral to what I do. I love having the ability to direct the viewer's eye to exactly what I want them to see.

Juxtapositions and interstices, color and texture, shadows and reflections, close-up details - these are the things that excite me. I have always expected the world to amaze and delight me, and I have seldom been disappointed!

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